Dog Boarding

We offer several different types and sizes of accommodations for visiting dogs to choose from depending on their individual needs. Extra-large indoor-outdoor runs large enough to accommodate the giant breeds are available. These spaces are also excellent for families with more than one pet they would prefer housed together during their stay. Regular size indoor-outdoor runs are comfortable for your large and medium-sized dogs and roomy enough for multi-pet families to keep two together.

Dog Suitcase

We also have a separate geriatric area for our older boarders where the environment is quieter. This is also an excellent area for young puppies or smaller, more timid animals. Special accommodations and arrangements are also available for special needs pets such as diabetics or other pets on special medications or need extra supervision. Of course, a veterinarian is always available to monitor special cases. We will happily discuss your pet’s needs and help you decide what is best for your pet.

Cat Boarding

The staff consists of long-term dedicated and compassionate pet owning professionals. The staff work closely with the clinic veterinarians on a daily basis and have been well educated in proper procedures to ensure every pet’s stay is secure, healthy and happy.

Cat Suitcase


Accommodations available for puppies, big dogs, seniors, and cats.


Our facility includes supervised large indoor and outdoor play areas.


Pamper your pet! We offer full-service grooming services for your dog.

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